Me, myself & I

Playing around with shapes and illustrations. Combining multiple fonts into a hierarchic library. Finetuning tints to form a cohesive color palette. Altering whitespace until the design feels well balanced. All to create a perfect logo, clever identity or flexible website.


It’s been 12 years already since I started my design career and 5 years since I started freelancing. Over the years I have worked on all kinds of projects. I have worked on print, book design, app’s, animations, photography, illustrations and I probably a few more. But my focus is in logo/identity & webdesign. I have worked for all kinds of clients, for all kinds of sectors and corporate scales (from global operating brands to local operating smaller firms).


Please feel free to ask me anything. Also if you’re project hasn’t been outlined yet, or if it’s just a geeky question or even a favor. Feel free and we’ll see if I can help you out. contact

Please, feel free.