I love working on logos & identity, websites & apps. With some photography and art direction projects on the side. Important for me, is that there has to be a good portion of creative challenges in a project. Like building a brand out of nothing, or creating a clever logo concept, or totally deconstruct a website, get rid of the bad, infuse something new and rebuild it. Do you have a creative challenge, that needs some solving. Let’s talk!


In 2008 I started my first fulltime job at Goud Amsterdam. After 2 years I moved to Saatchi & Saatchi where my skills got pushed in a wider variety of projects. After 3 years at Saatchi & Saatchi I switched to Isobar to further enrich my portfolio with more digital projects. In 2015 I started freelancing, hoping for more challenging projects.


The experience I gained over the years made me a versatile graphic designer. I worked on brand identities & rebrandings, print ads & campaign visuals, websites (UI & UX) & smartphone apps. And it doesn’t matter if it is a big, small or new brand. For me it’s about the challenge of solving problems, combining disciplines, sharing brand believes by a logo or creating an experience that works for all users.


I bought a serious camera from my first savings earned at my first job. I took it everywhere with me, strolls trough Amsterdam, parties, family events, name it. Over time my skills improved and the equipment got better. While working at Saatchi & Saatchi, I started doing small photography projects for their clients. That evolved to the point I am right now; I have no problem with taking on commercial shoots with models or packshots photography. And I am still working on my own street photography projects.

Art Direction

Like I said before, creating something out of nothing, is wat fuels my engine. Filling a blanco canvas by finding the best approach, searching the right style, finetuning interactions and then the endless moving of pixels and adjusting colors.

Motion Graphics

Besides photography being a good addition to graphic design, I know my way around in After Effects & Premiere Pro. That gives me the ability to edit videos, make animations, logo bumpers and mockups for interactive interfaces. The mockups for example, can be of good use to show custom or complex animations in UI design.

Agencies I freelanced for

180 Kingsday / ADNIGHT / Buutvrij / Combinatie van Factoren / Energize / Etcetera / Fitzroy / Fjuze / Greenberry / Isobar / Launched / Lemon Scented Tea / Leo Burnett / Media Monks / Publicis / QiONLY / Selmore / Scotch & Soda / Tosti Creative / True Ideas / TWBA / VERTOV


I also work directly for some clients, from time to time.

Please feel free to ask anything. Even if you’re project hasn’t been outlined yet, I love to share my thoughts and to see if I can help your project further.